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Strategic Planning

Effective strategic plans position your organization to articulate, define and pursue a creative, long-term vision of its future. Spending time to develop and reflect on that vision can assist you to position your people, your processes and your resources.

Public Consultation

The use of appropriate facilitation design and techniques can provide the opportunity, by maintaining a neutral stance, to balance both the strong and the quiet voices that accompany most issues. Creating a safe environment, where opinions and ideas can be shared equitably and respectfully, can build trust and joint understanding.

Facilitation Training


Knowledge of basic facilitation principles enables you to find creative ways to engage others, encourage dialogue, capture ideas and deal with issues and concerns respectfully. Facilitation skills can be useful for all those who work with teams, staff, volunteers, partners and clients.

Group Facilitation

Appropriate design and execution of dialogue processes and techniques that are engaging, creative, supportive, results oriented, reality based, flexible, and transparent can balance both the quality of decisions and speed of results.

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