My Facilitation Approach


Effective Facilitation is an art. It is the art of making the complex easy. It is the art of using processes effectively and respectfully to bring people and their ideas together in equitable conversation to discuss, define and find solutions to common and complex issues and problems.

My approach is based on utilizing creative techniques and processes to build understanding through dialogue, synthesis, collaboration and connection.  

Effective Dialogue  employs a variety of approaches to encourage an equitable and balanced exchange of views and ideas.

Effective Synthesis of the dialogue results when participants begin to understand the linkages between or options presented by all the views and ideas expressed and use that understanding to determine the best way forward.

Effective Collaboration results when processes encourage active involvement to bring the efforts of all to bear on the development of solutions.

Effective Connection results when participants understand other points of view and feel that they were all involved in developing the solution.

I work with you and your organization to think systematically about the issues you face, and how best to resolve them, ensuring that you always retain ownership of the results. I focus on clarity of task, provide processes appropriate to that task, make effective use of facilitation and group dynamic skills, practice good time management, and encourage full participation.